Transitioning to new ways of working

Many organisations are concerned, yet unsure, about how to best prepare for the brave new world we live in and the new ways of working that are required. The routine and predictable is being automated, specialist and intermittent work is being outsourced and pressure is on to attract, retain and inspire informed employees in an [...]

When does your startup need to grow up?

Startup needs to grow up The startup life sounds exciting looking from the outside in. Clever people with innovative ideas bringing a small talented team together over ping pong tables, bean bags and dog-friendly workplaces. Of course, we know that’s not the reality for all. So many founders of startups struggle through [...]

How to maximise learning, both fast and slow

At the moment the book on my bedside table is “Thinking, Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman. While there are many useful learnings in this excellent book the title alone was enough to send my thoughts off in another direction. There’s a bit of talk around the appropriate length and effective transfer of learning. [...]

What’s on your leadership playlist?

I recently attended a music festival and enjoyed being exposed to some new artists. I promptly added them to my Spotify playlist to continue the musical journey. In doing so I took a good look at the songs I’d had on repeat for some time. This reflection made me consider the ‘songs’ we might [...]

Your leadership development process: a thread in the fabric of your culture

Leadership and a leadership development process are topics we hear about a lot. A simple Google search will yield over 78 million results. I see many providers offering solutions to business on how to develop leaders, many of which are great programs. I’d love to share my thoughts and frustrations as, for me, the issue [...]

Can we really multitask?

Can we really multitask? There has been much discussion, supported by research, addressing the fact that successful multi-tasking is just not possible. And yet again this week I see an article listing multi-tasking as a core skillset for every HR professional. It just doesn’t make sense. What we know about multitasking Let’s review what we [...]

What value does leadership coaching bring to professional development?

Supporting leaders to face the current and future requirements of their role is a challenge often addressed though leadership coaching and development programs. These come in a range of different formats, and may be delivered internal or external to the organisation. Real change takes time There is much evidence to show that real behavioural change [...]

What gets in the road of leadership development success?

On a recent flight I continued my journey down the rabbit hole that is Simon Sinek’s “Leaders Eat Last”. I really enjoyed this wonderfully diverse and well-written account of great leadership development with a side serving of neuroleadership. But it’s got me wondering… There is a big focus on leadership development at present and many [...]

New team leader tips: Why do I feel like I’m failing?

Recently promoted and struggling to adjust to the ‘new norm’ of your leadership role? Looking for some new team leader tips? You are not alone. Often organisations will fail to appreciate the impact on the employee of a change in role from doing to leading. New leaders may feel that, by their own standards and [...]

The importance of leadership framework

I’m often talking to senior leaders and HR professionals about the pain points they are experiencing and the challenges they are facing in their organisations. Many are lacking a solid leadership framework. No leadership framework? What often comes up in the discussion is the dysfunction and conflict that can occur in their internal teams. This can [...]