Case study

Ladbrokes case study

A leader in the global betting and gaming market

Clariti Consulting was approached to work with, the local operation of Ladbrokes plc, a leader in the global betting and gaming market.
Ladbrokes sought a tailored leadership program for team leaders in their software development department who had progressed from technical positions into leadership roles.
Challenges to be addressed included

  • communication skills
  • confidence
  • general leadership competencies
  • managing performance
  • dealing with conflict.

Delivering the training was also a hurdle, as the participants had very busy roles and faced constant interruption.

We held four half-day workshops in an off-site training facility, focusing on

  • MBTI debrief workshop including implications for team communication
  • Self-awareness and self-regulation
  • Adopting a coaching culture
  • Creating a culture of innovation and creativity
  • Setting clear behavioural expectations and managing performance
  • Managing priorities
  • Communicating across all levels of the business

Workshop course content was supplemented with activities, group work, case studies, reflection and discussion to ensure learning was delivered in a brain-friendly manner.

Participants were able to explore and discuss the concepts and ideas in the workshop environment, and then look to apply them ‘on the job’ in the week between workshops.

  • Feedback from participants was very positive, with their confidence and reported capacity for leading their teams much improved from the learning and interaction with other team leaders.
  • The discussions around the table helped embed the concepts and build greater connection between participants.
  • Outcomes reported included a greater understanding of self and others, and an improved ability to communicate with team members.