Executive Coaching

People seeking to operate at peak performance level – such as elite athletes – always have a coach; even when they reach the top.  Their coach is vital in the journey to develop the mental acuity needed to maximise their performance.

It’s no different for senior executives.  Most businesses and organisations hire Executive Coaches to help them drive performance and growth.  They see it as the best way for their top (and most promising) leaders to reach their true potential and achieve the corporate goals.

No-one is born with all the mental and emotional abilities, knowledge, awareness and skills needed to effectively deal with the many challenges that come with high pressure roles.

It takes a special type of self-awareness, resilience, and management style to be a leader who inspires and drives performance.

What does an Executive Coach actually do?

Management Coaching

The purpose of an Executive Coach is to bring to light the inherent capability within us and support current and future leaders to develop the skills, management and leadership qualities they need to succeed in their roles.

Coaching may cover

  • identifying and closing skill gaps
  • education on self-awareness, and understanding of personal strengths, weaknesses, behaviours
  • training in the art and technique of using words effectively to impart ideas and directions clearly
  • assistance with goal setting and performance management
  • help with delivering the right impact and influence on others
  • guidance on developing a culture of unity, collaboration, and responsibility to drive performance
  • being a sounding board to assist with bringing clarity to challenges and decisions

Who will benefit most from Executive Coaching?

Executive Coaching is most often utilised for senior executives and members of the management team. At this level leaders may be facing new or increased responsibilities or challenges, and would benefit from personal development, expert guidance and an outside perspective.

Of course, coaching is beneficial for leaders at all levels – promoting self-awareness and building confidence in their own abilities.

On occasion, we are also engaged to work with leaders as a mentor or to assist in the resolution of behavioural issues or interpersonal conflicts. While not strictly coaching, this support can assist your leaders to overcome otherwise derailing challenges.

Executive Mentoring

What is the Executive Coaching process?

Management Coaching

Prior to working with us we suggest you undertake a complimentary discovery session, where we can ensure the partnership will provide the best coaching environment.

We follow standard coaching methodologies, sprinkled with a little bit of neuroscience. This will include

  • situation analysis and needs assessment
  • clarification of objectives, goals, and expectations
  • discussion of options and ways forward
  • determining actions and keeping the coachee accountable

As the goal of coaching is long term behavioural change, it is recommended a coaching engagement continue for six to 12 months.

What kind of outcomes can you expect?

Clariti Executive Coach Caroline McGuire will work closely with your senior leaders to assist them to reach their full potential. Typical outcomes you may expect include:

  • increased self-awareness and better self-regulation
  • understanding of behavioural patterns that affect their own performance, and the performance of others
  • improved communication, negotiation and influencing skills
  • the ability foster creativity and support an environment of innovation
  • more clarity around objectives and effective decision making
  • increased satisfaction and enjoyment in their role
  • a more proactive and effective leader
Executive Coaching

Are all Executive Coaches created equal?

Caroline McGuire - Excecutive Coach

No they’re not.  Unfortunately coaching is not a regulated industry, so just about anyone can hang out a shingle proclaiming their expertise as an “Executive Coach”.

What is important is to undertake due diligence, and choose an Executive Coach with the right qualifications, training, skills and track record.

Clariti Founder, Caroline McGuire, not only has qualifications in HR and Business – she has also trained in neuroscience and coaching methodologies. Most importantly she has had many years’ experience with coaching leaders to grow and succeed in their roles.  Discover more about Caroline’s credentials and background.

“Caroline would be a true asset to any business, particularly those looking to expand the skills of their leaders through the use of mentoring and coaching, and I have no hesitation in recommending her.”

Jackie Dowdell, Regional Financial Controller, Australia, BMT 

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