Leadership Development

Technical excellence rarely translates into instant leadership brilliance.  It takes heightened awareness of self and others, knowledge of what is really needed, and different skills to be an effective leader.

Often those that are technically good at their jobs are promoted into leadership positions, and discover they have to spend most of their time focusing on the needs of others, and precious little time working on their own projects.   And for many, this can be quite challenging.

Common new leader issues

Without the right knowledge and skills to effectively lead and manage themselves and others, new leaders often flounder in their changed roles.  Inexperienced leadership can contribute to heightened conflict, lower productivity and morale, and increased staff turnover.

How we transform your technical stars into outstanding leaders

As specialists in the engineering and technology sector- we understand first hand that acquiring “people skills” to effectively lead others doesn’t always come naturally to those in professions more at home with logic, maths, science and technology.

Which is why we developed Leadership Experience – our five-step framework which follows scientifically-proven neuroscience and coaching methodologies.

It resonates with technical personality types, and gets them fully engaged in the why, what and how of becoming an inspiring and effective leader.

Know Self

Know Self

Understand self – what drives you, your strengths and weaknesses. Embrace feedback.

Learn what drives others


Learn what drives others and understand threat and reward theory.

Align team to goals


Manage team roles effectively so all are aligned with, and working towards, organisational goals.

Team culture


Manage conflict and encourage team unity. Build a culture of trust, collaboration and inclusion.

team leadership


Lead and develop people so they feel valued, challenged and rewarded. Create roles that people want to perform.

Key outcomes you can expect

As your leaders progress through the program and implement their new skills, you’ll notice the positive impact on teams and on performance.  By the end of the program we expect you will see:

  • Improved collaboration and reduced conflict in teams
  • Increased levels of trust and a more united team culture
  • Better levels of productivity and engagement with corporate goals.
“Caroline’s coaching workshop for leaders was incredibly insightful. She outlined practical ways for us to engage and motivate our people and provided us with great tools and recommendations to continually improve. I would highly recommend her to other organisations wanting to develop their leadership teams.” 

Emma Selwood, Head of HR, Genie Solutions

How we deliver the Leadership Experience program

Our six month Leadership Experience program is delivered as a series of half day group workshops. We can also tailor the methodology to be used one-on-one in a coaching format. We can adapt delivery to suit the specific needs of your organisation.

The program is supported by a range of tools, resources, self-paced learning, reflection and coaching to ensure maximum engagement and the best possible outcomes for participants and the organisation.

Keen for your leaders to reach their full potential?

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