PRISM Brain Mapping™

“Perhaps most excitingly, we are uncovering the brain basis of our behaviours – normal, abnormal and in-between. We are mapping a neurobiology of what makes us, us.”
Robert M. Sapolsky

Does the brain affect the way we work?

PRISM Brain MappingEach person has his or her own way of looking at the world (perception) and responding to it (behaviour). Those recurring responses – part inherited and part learned – fall into patterns, referred to as behaviour preferences.

Neuroscience studies of the brain can show us why people who have similar backgrounds, intelligence, experience, skills, and knowledge, behave in very different ways.

What is PRISM Brain Mapping?

PRISM Brain Mapping approaches human behaviour from the perspective of neuroscience, rather than psychological theory. It represents a simple, yet comprehensive, synthesis of research by some of the world’s leading neuroscientists into how the human brain works.

The PRISM tool is a unique way of identifying people’s behaviour preferences based on brain activity. It provides users with a series of ‘maps’ which are representations of how their brain prefers to work.

What is PRISM Brain Mapping used for?

PRISM is an excellent tool for improving personal or business performance as it helps with:

  • increasing self-awareness
  • identifying areas for behavioural change
  • creating an understanding of diversity
  • providing indication of individuals who may be overdoing or not making full use of their preferences
  • helping people to understand more about their true potential, as well as what may be hindering them from achieving even higher performance.

It is also used to map a team or group within an organisation for better understanding of performance and conflict.

How do we use PRISM Brain Mapping?

Clariti is a Certified PRISM Practitioner, and we use various profiles when working with our clients, depending on their needs. PRISM profile options include personal, professional, 360° assessments, team diagnostics and team maps.

We facilitate online assessments and provide an in-depth debrief for each person, along with a personalised report which identifies and measures 26 key aspects of work preference.

In addition to profiling individuals, we can also produce job requirement benchmarks against which candidates can be assessed in terms of behavioural suitability.

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