Strength Deployment Inventory

It’s all about relationships

People are complex, and that can make interacting with people challenging. At times, it can make them downright difficult.

Shifting priorities, new team members, changing roles and accountabilities are organisational realities that often generate stress, conflict, and other communication and relationship issues.

Ineffective work relationships can result in costly conflict that impacts every aspect of a business – from board and executive relations, to customer relationship management, supplier partnerships, and employee and labour relations.

Understanding is the key

When someone’s motivations are understood – what really matters to them and, more importantly, why it matters – then differences fade, empathy grows and unproductive conflicts are avoided.

It’s a recipe for better choices – at home, in the community, at work, or wherever you interact with people. That drives stronger performance among teams and better results.

Gaining awareness and understanding

SDITotal Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) is a powerful self-assessment tool that helps people understand themselves by helping them understand the motives that drive their behaviours.

But it doesn’t stop there. It also helps them understand the motives that drive the behaviours of others. By increasing self-awareness and interpersonal awareness, it increases personal and interpersonal effectiveness. And by showing the differences in how people are motivated in two different conditions – when things are going well and when things are in conflict – the SDI actually serves as two assessments in one.

Overdone strengths portrait

It’s all too easy to develop blind spots about the behaviours we believe work well for us in relationships. The Overdone Strengths Portrait ranks how frequently a person may overdo the 28 different strengths (a unique perspective on what most would call ‘weaknesses’). It helps people make more informed behaviour choices by recognizing when they are about to overdo a strength. When the costs of overdone strengths become clear, people feel empowered to use other, more effective behaviours.

How we use SDI

Clariti is a Certified Total SDI Practitioner, and we use the suite of Total SDI tools to undertake assessments, workshop with teams and provide detailed reports for greater understanding. This powerful process helps people unlock the mysteries of personal motivation and learn how to respond to situations and build better relationships.

People become better leaders, build stronger teams, and deal more effectively with the inevitable conflicts that arise at work.

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